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When it comes to business intelligence, today’s IT world offers incredible power and functionality to organisations of all shapes and sizes. This wasn’t always the case though. Even just a few years ago, building any sort of business intelligence solution was costly and time-intensive work. This made it hard for smaller busineses and charities to better organise their data so they would gain the key insights needed to help them do better work. Furthermore, it wasn’t just the cost that was prohibitive – often the solutions would be complicated to use and require constant maintenance.

But all that has changed in recent years. Developers have evolved their software to bring more affordable cost structures and simpler introductory packages that get you going for very little outlay. There is also much better integration with the web and with ubiquitous software like Excel. All of this still needs bringing together with the contribution of data warehousing expertise, but it means that even small data projects are now cost effective.

Read about some of the recent projects we’ve completed for small businesses and charities here.

Delivering insights wherever you need them

The power of the cloud makes it possible to deploy reports and insights to mobile devices or into a web browser, which is great for shared reports among staff. Many people still prefer Excel because it’s familiar and because it dovetails with other reports and data sets. Others are concerned that while mobile or cloud reporting isn’t currently required, it might be in the future.

To accommodate this, we build database systems that are capable of outputting into any reporting solution. We’ll work out the best delivery for the organisation, now, and we’ll keep half an eye on the future and make sure that adopting new technology in future isn’t going to mean a complete overhaul. Our aim is to provide answers in the simplest and most appropriate format for your organisation, so that the technology does its job without being noticed.



A custom-built dashboard for Excel

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