So much data. No information.

You have a spreadsheet for this, a paper file for that, a folder for those and a website for that. With data everywhere, getting information out of it all is complicated, painstaking work. The results are hard won and they don’t even tell the full story. After all, we can’t get this system to talk to that one, and it’d be great if we could match this up with that, pull this out of here, digitise those, reconcile this with that, bring all of those together with these.

This is what we do. We take your data and turn it into information.

Broadly speaking, there are two parts of the process. First we consider what data you already have and what other data you need to get hold of. We build systems to gather everything together and a database structure to store it all. The second part involves building the tools to extract the information you need and working with you to make it readily accessible, understandable and straight forward.


Any application

All organisations are different and have different needs and the way we work reflects this. Our solutions are entirely bespoke, built from the ground-up to accommodate every nuance and aspect of the way your organisation works. The scope of business intelligence applies to anything that can be measured – financials, contacts, events, energy consumption / production, fundraising, personnel and contracts.

Read more about some of our recent work here.



An example Power BI dashboard, exploring data from a business propery’s smart meters

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